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Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

Jul 30, 2019

We all know that we need to be doing more to protect the environment from further erosion and to do something, anything, to try and reverse the immense damage that has already been done.  

Today I'm giving you some suggestions on things that you can build into your lifestyle to make changes and shift towards...

Jul 25, 2019

We're back at it again!  Christina of The Confidence Project Podcast is on with me today, and we're talking about the shit that people don't talk about when it comes to entrepreneurship.  No, seriously, there's some things you need to hear.  

We're covering:

  • What no one tells you about being an entrepreneur

  • All the...

Jul 23, 2019

I'm here in Bali, and I've been doing something I rarely do a lot of, even on vacation:


Yes, I talk about energy management and how important it is to make time for yourself, and I do, regularly.  

But I always keep a pretty tight time limit on myself, because I feel guilty if I spend what I deem to be "too...

Jul 18, 2019

Have you ever caught yourself stuck in a cycle of thinking that life will be a little easier when things calm down?  That there's just so much happening right now, it's hard to be able to function at your highest level....except that things never calm down.  If anything, you seem to get busier and more stressed, not...

Jul 16, 2019

We know that "perfect" doesn't exist, even though my perfectionist brain likes to try and tell me otherwise.  And yet, we let the idea of achieving perfect hold us back ALL THE TIME....I know I'm not the only one over here!

But sometimes, it feels easier to get stuck in our own heads rather than actually completing a...