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Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

Sep 13, 2018

Even if you don't already know Candace, simply listening to her talk is going to put the biggest smile on your face, because she positively radiates her incredibly upbeat attitude in everything that she does.

Candace Smith is the CEO of Beauty of Strength, and has been coaching women to sustainable health and fitness for over a decade, with various accreditations including CPT Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Certified Precision Nutrition Coach. She coaches women through quitting the yo-yo diet cycle and teach them to maximize their physique resultsthrough get strong by lifting heavy weights, quitting all the diets, and learning to love themselves from the inside out.

Candace is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and currently resides in an RV with her husband and sweet pup, traveling the country. Her passion for helping women with their nutrition and fitness shines through in everything she does, and loves hiking, traveling, reading, the ocean, leisure walking, lifting the things, and good food and wine.  

One of the many things that Candace is known for is helping women build strong glutes. This is a big deal for most of us, because even though we usually think of the aesthetics of a juicy booty, we sometimes ignore how crucial our glute health is to our back health and as a form of injury prevention, especially when many of us are spending too much time sitting in front of our computers.  

Most importantly, we have a great conversation about how to cultivate a positive attitude, the major lack of representation when it comes to people of colour in the fitness, health and wellness industry, knowing your self worth, and not giving up on your dreams.  

Other areas covered:

  • Specific exercises for to build healthy glutes
  • Negative effects of stress, dieting and cutting carbs (Candace calls this "voodoo quackery" which is one of the MANY reasons I love her!)
  • Taking action without aiming for perfection
  • Fitting in exercise and movement when travelling or under circumstances that aren't necessarily ideal
  • Focussing on the big rocks and moving away from the diet mentality

I can guarantee that you'll be smiling as widely as I do whenever I hear/see Candace speak, please make sure to go check out this incredible woman to watch the massive impact she's having on the world in action!  She will light you up and inspire you to make big changes to your health.  


Candace Smith Website

Instagram: @beauty_of_strength

Facebook @ Beauty of Strength

Sisters in Strength Facebook Group

Work with Candace for 1:1 Nutrition & Fitness Coaching


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