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Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

Jul 26, 2018

Today's guest is an absolute wealth of information, with a wide-ranging resume and specializing in helping those with stress.  Hello, we can all use more of that!

Lana Camiel is a college professor, drug information pharmacist, herbalist and a podcaster.  Her passion is to teach young professionals and students how to take good care of themselves with the right herbs, food and self-care techniques.

Lana is a beautiful example of wide-ranging approaches coming together to maximize her pharmaceutical background with the complement of the more holistic practice using herbs and lifestyle changes.

One major point to note is that Lana explains, "herbal medicine is not about using capsules and tablets." Instead, she suggests using real herbs and even making your own teas whenever you can and creating a ritual around it to simplify the process to prevent overwhelm.

Listen in for discussions about:

  • FIVE herbs to use for managing stress
  • Resilience and mental health issues among the younger population
  • Incorporating proper self care and nutrition into even the busiest lifestyle
  • The importance of sleep when it comes to stress
  • Self forgiveness
  • Plants and herbs that support the brain and nervous system
  • Being cautious of the manufacturing of your supplements and how their products are being sourced for maximum benefit
  • How to experiment with new types of herbs and spices

You might need to take notes on this episode, because Lana has made this one jam-packed with goodies that you can start introducing into your everyday life as soon as you're done listening!  

"Health is not a goal, but it's a journey." - Lana Camiel



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