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Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

Aug 28, 2018

It feels like gratitude is becoming some sort of fad with the number of times I hear it mentioned lately, especially on social media.

However, it's for excellent reason: Learning to look for gratitude retrains your brain to search for gratitude in everything.

How cool is that?!  It's the habit and attitude we can easily cultivate, and it keeps giving back to us tenfold in a forward-feed cycle.

There are small ways we can add gratitude into our daily lives, and it starts with the language we use.  When we change our language, we change our story.  Going to a job you want to change? You GET to go to a job you want to change.  Have to workout? You GET to have the gift of moving your body. Eating a salad when you’d rather have McDonald’s? You’re fortunate to have access to multiple healthy food options to nourish your body and be healthy

Gratitude offers a perspective that can pull us out out of a negative cycle of shame, fear and beating ourselves up in a split second.

Some of the areas covered:

  • Why we need to be grateful for the shitty, dark moments.
  • How gratitude helped me survive 11 years in a corporate job that was making me miserable.
  • The power of gratitude and visualization for future events/selves that have not yet happened.
  • Pulling silver linings from situations that others would consider dire.
  • How to use gratitude to pull us out of anxiety.
  • Tried and true ways to build a habit around gratitude.
The best way to absorb information is to put it to use.  I created some journalling prompts that will completely overhaul your perspective and help you find gratitude everywhere you look.  Grab the prompts here to get started! 

I recommend doing these prompts once per day, usually either first thing in the morning or right before bed.  They're short and sweet to keep things simple and will only take a couple of minutes to jot down.  Consider your gratitude muscle strengthened already;)


Judy Arazoza of Grateful Fitness

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