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Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

Aug 2, 2018

Rachel Devine is an award-winning holistic aesthetician from Hamilton, Ontario and is the formulator of R Devine Organic SkinCare, an all-natural, holistic skin care line.  Rachel takes a much different approach to her spa services and products, focusing on both internal and external health as well as mindfulness, making self care the most natural part of your day.

I LOVE this skincare line.  Full disclosure, I didn't have much of a skincare routine at all prior to coming across Rachel and her products, and they've totally transformed how I care for my face and skin.

When I turned 30, I started thinking more seriously about how to care for my skin, and since switching over to R Devine Skin Care, I can honestly say my skin has never looked or felt better! It's softer than it has ever been, completely clear and downright glowy.  For a list of my favourite products that I use daily, check out the full show notes.

One of the big takeaways from this episode with Rachel that shocked me was this stat:

"54% of women over the age of 25 experience adult acne."

One of the biggest issues that many women are facing is adult acne, and while products like Rachel's go a long way towards that issue, there is so much more we need to be doing for our skin to fix things from the inside out.

This episode is JAM-PACKED with incredible info! Some of the things you'll learn:

  • What oil cleansing is and why it's so amazing for the skin (even if it seems counter-intuitive!)
  • Importance of exfoliation
  • Why your skin appears oily, and how oil cleansing will actually rebalance your skin
  • Differences between food allergies and intolerances and how that affects skin
  • Eating "healthy" doesn't mean that you aren't eating something your body doesn't like
  • Differences between conventional and all-natural skin care
  • Managing adult acne and how to deal
  • Learning to listen to your body and paying attention to what's working and what isn't
  • How stress is impacting your skin
  • The full, holistic approach to skin care and why self care is so key

"All skin types can benefit from oil cleansing." - Rachel Devine

If you're local to Hamilton, Ontario here in Canada you can find a local shop that carries R Devine Skin Care.  And if you're in North America, you can order online to have the products shipped right to your door!



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Facebook @ R Devine Organic Skin Care


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