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Room to Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

Jun 26, 2018

Do you fear success?  What would your life look like if everything you wanted came true right now?  What would have to change to make room for those successes?

Whether it's about your health, your relationships, your career or other big goals you have for yourself, there are days where they might feel like pipe dreams.  We can get stuck in a routine and start to lose sight of how to reach for those successes we've always wanted.  

Fear is the biggest factor that often holds us back from making the changes to old habits.  

This episode covers: 

  • How to have a conversation with loved ones about changes we need to make for ourselves to be happier/healthier and bring us the success we want
  • The way relationships can shift when you start to make big changes
  • Procrastination and the fear of taking action holding us back
  • What to do when a task feels overwhelming
  • Visualization, and the ONE thing you can do shake up old habit loops

Just STARTING is the best way to gain confidence, grow and give you the tools you need to keep pushing.  Listen in for all the details! 


Show Notes: 

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